• Newsletter – Juin 2018, Click here
    • In vitro ProArrhythmia Assays at the Forefront of Drug Safety Testing
    • Ellegaard Göttingen Minipigs Research Foundation grant awarded
    • AccelLAB acquired the Olympus Exera III Endoscopy Tower, a key tool for gastroenterology studies
    • Infusion studies with group housed NHPs
    • SOLVO Biotechnology 8th Meet the Experts Transporter conference in Budapest
    • Appointment of Dr. Adriana Looszova, DVM, PhD, ERT as Senior Toxicologist / Project Management Group Leader in France
    • Webinar : Considerations in Non-clinical Inhalation Toxicology: Understanding the Complexities and Potential Problems with Inspired Tox
      June 28th – 4 pm (CEST)
  • 07.06.2018: Evolution de la réglementation sur l’évaluation des propriétés des perturbateurs endocriniens

La date du 7 juin 2018 marque l’entrée en vigueur du règlement délégué (n°2017/2100)[1]de la Commission Européenne du 4 septembre 2017 définissant des critères scientifiques pour la détermination des propriétés perturbant le système endocrinien concernant la mise à disposition sur le marché et l’utilisation des produits biocides.

Voici comment nous pouvons vous aider:


  • Newsletter – March 2018, Click here
    • President Keynote
    • Citoxlab heavily invests in immuno-oncology services
    • Citoxlab acquires US-based CRO – Xenometrics, and adds to strength in experience and service while increasing capacity
    • Interbody fusion cage development programs: the ovine lumbar intervertebral spinal fusion model
    • Citoxlab Denmark now approved to run any preclinical studies with transgenic minipigs and genetically modified organisms
    • Citoxlab increases pathology expertise by recruiting 2 new pathologists
    • An Atlanbio’s team leader crossed the atlantic ocean in a solo and unassisted race
    • Meetings and conferences


  • Newsletter – Décembre 2017, Click here
    • Citoxlab Corporate Identity Evolution
    • Citoxlab increases dog and minipig capacity at the French site
    • Acquisition of the Siemens Acuson SC2000 ultrasound system at AccelLAB – a great tool for structural heart studies
    • Evaluating the use of minipigs as a model for preclinical CNS safety pharmacology
    • Bioanalysis of large molecule therapeutics by LC-MS/MS at atlanbio
    • Avian toxicology and reproduction studies
    • Citoxlab now offering services in drug metabolizing enzymes and transporters genotyping
  • Newsletter – September 2017, Cliquez ici
    • Citoxlab North America acquires new facility in Laval/Montreal to meet the growing demand for laboratories services
    • The obese Göttingen Minipig model
    • Synthetic bone graft and bone substitute development programs: the rabbit Posterolateral Fusion (PLF) model
    • Gastrointestinal function: Motility and Motor Migrating Complex (MMC) evaluations across models
    • Positioning of mass spectrometry and immunoassays for large molecules bioanalysis
    • REACH compliance 2018 deadline
  • Newsletter – Mars 2017, Cliquez ici
    • Dedicated experience in handling of obese minipigs weighing up to 100 kg at Citoxlab in Denmark
    • Optimization of thyroid hormone measurements by LC-MS/MS and ELISA in mice and rats
    • Citoxlab strengthens its immunology laboratory biomarker capabilities with the introduction of SPARCL technology
    • Citoxlab expands its capacity in molecular pathology by offering immunohistochemistry (IHC) and in situ hybridization new assays
    • 10-years biodistribution and shedding experience – extended capabilities for preclinical and clinical sample analysis
    • Citoxlab North America appoints Vittoria Badalone as VP of Business development and marketing
  • Newsletter – Décembre 2016, Cliquez ici
    • Citoxlab acquires AccelLAB, a Canadian CRO specialized in pre-clinical assessment of medical devices
    • Citoxlab’s Wide-ranging Expertise in Ocular Safety Evaluation
    • Good Clinical Practice Compliance for Sample Analysis in Support of Clinical Programs
    • Measuring Plasma Levels of Citrulline by LC-MS/MS in Gottingen Minipigs and Rhesus Monkeys as a Biomarker for Gastrointestinal-Acute Radiation Syndrome
    • QT interval correction for drugs which induce changes in body temperature
    • Atlanbio Appoints Mark Warren as Scientific Director
    • New Pathologists in Citoxlab North America
  • Newsletter – Juillet 2016, Cliquez ici
    • In vitro CVS and CNS ion channel platform
    • Citoxlab uses a QT interval correction formula for drug-induced changes in body temperature when incorporating cardiovascular safety pharmacology in regulatory toxicology studies
    • Validation of in vitro sensitization package for cosmetics and chemicals
    • Successful renewal of GLP and GMP certification in Denmark
    • New Veterinary Anatomic Pathologist hired at Citoxlab North-America
    • Introduction of Szabolcs Gáty, Senior Director of Operations in Hungary
    • Scientific Literature: Active Presence of the Citoxlab scientific team
  • Newsletter – Septembre 2015, Cliquez ici
    • Citoxlab President Keynote
    • Citoxlab hires board-certified clinical-pathologists in France and North-America
    • Citoxlab invests for new ophthalmology treatments
    • Citoxlab leads In Situ hybridization studies
    • Publication of Citoxlab safety pharmacology articles viewed 4176 times!
    • Biomarkers included in Acute Radiation Syndrome studies
    • atlanbio successfully renewed its GLP/GMP certification
  • Newsletter – Mars 2015, Cliquez ici
    • Citoxlab and Ellegaard Göttingen Minipigs joint Exhibitor Hosted Session at SOT
    • Hiring of Michael Pugsley as scientific expert in Citoxlab Canada
    • Citoxlab increases inhalation capacity in Hungary
    • Drug-induced sleep disorders captured by polysomnography
    • Citoxlab appoints Dr. Pramila Singh, DABT as Director of Toxicology, in France
    • Successful joint U.S. FDA and French ANSM inspections at Citoxlab France
  • Newsletter – Septembre 2014, Cliquez ici
    • Citoxlab now brings Next Generation Sequencing to your development program
    • Discover a Broader Range of Cardiac Safety Testing Models
    • Citoxlab now offers the Extended One-Generation Reproductive Toxicity Study (OECD 443 / EOGRTS)
    • Make your batch release testing fast and efficient with Citoxlab in Denmark
    • Appointment of Massimiliano Fonsi as Director of DMPK at Citoxlab in France
    • Citoxlab doubled capacity for Chicken Eye Irritation testing (ICE)
  • Newsletter – Juillet 2014, Cliquez ici
    • Stereotaxic surgery for central nervous system drug delivery: the rise of a new era in therapies for neurological diseases
    • Increased flow cytometry capacity in France
    • New minipig / non-rodent facility at Citoxlab Denmark
    • Yasmina Sahraoui appointed as Business Development Director at Atlanbio
    • Virtual tour of Citoxlab Hungary facility
    • Citoxlab provides a new in vitro sensitization package for cosmetics
    • Appointment of Jan Praslicka as Scientific Director in Hungary



NOUVEAU 03-09_2018 : Citoxlab signe un accord d’investissement et de partenariat avec EPO, Experimental Pharmacology and Oncology Berlin-Buch GmbH

Citoxlab recrute Christophe Berthoux au poste de Directeur Général Europe

Citoxlab acquiert Solvo Biotechnology, le CRO leader dans la recherche sur les transporteurs de médicaments et les interactions médicamenteuses 

Citoxlab acquiert Xenometrics, USA

Citoxlab Amérique du Nord acquiert un nouveau bâtiment à Montréal, Canada, pour répondre à la demande croissante en bioanalyse et biomarqueurs

Citoxlab et KaLy-Cell s’associent pour offrir des tests d’hépatotoxicité et de métabolisme in vitro et ex vivo

Citoxlab acquiert la société canadienne AccelLAB spécialisée dans l’évaluation pré-clinique des dispositifs médicaux

Citoxlab recrute Alan Bartlett au poste de Directeur Sénior, Opérations Globales des laboratoires

Citoxlab annonce le recrutement de Philippe Ancian

Citoxlab annonce le recrutement de John C. Kapeghian

Citoxlab implémente le logiciel Provantis 9 et développe l’accès des données au format SEND

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