Webinar : Considerations in Non-clinical Inhalation Toxicology: Understanding the Complexities and Potential Problems with Inspired Tox

With 30 years’ personal experience and over 260 GLP inhalation studies performed in the past 5 years, Citoxlab has proven to be a leader in inhalation toxicology for our clients in the pharmaceutical, agrochemical and chemical industries.

We offer three pillars of insight-driven, customizable support:

  • Regulatory advice: our experience and a wide-ranging portfolio of study designs to answer your specific needs
  • Expertise: an expert team dedicated to providing high-quality data from your studies
  • Technical: state-of-the-art equipment and new facilities, to help you reach your objectives

Christopher Banks, Global Head of Inhalation for the Citoxlab Group and Balazs Toth, Senior Study Director specialized in inhalation toxicology and Associate Director of Scientific Operations will be giving the presentation.

Join us for this experience-based review, exploring the best approach in handling the complexities of inhalation testing in a regulated environment. Critical aspects such as test article behaviour, exposure system characteristics and dosimetry considerations for the testing of both industrial and pharmaceutical products will be presented.

In parallel, a case study will be used to give an insight into how these unique challenges of inhalation testing were tackled at Citoxlab.

This information is presented to encourage proactivity when performing inhalation toxicology studies and to help the understanding of inhalation specific aspects.

Who should attend?

Preclinical / nonclinical development excutives
Regulatory development experts
REACH and chemical or agrochemical specialists
Respiratory drug development scientists

Learning objectives:

Describe the required components of inhalation toxicology studies
Implement strategies for effective inhalation studies
Effectively manage preclincial testing by the inhalation route
Understand key case studies as a way of solving inhalation issues