Vaccines and developmental toxicity

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The majority of new preventative and therapeutic vaccines are now assessed for developmental toxicity according to guidelines issued by the FDA in 2006. Preclinical developmental toxicology studies are designed to assess possible influences of each component of the vaccine formulation, and the induced antibodies, on the development of the conceptus, neonate and suckling organism.

High level scientific expertise and dedicated resources are key factors in the evaluation of potential compound-related effects on pre/post-natal development. Our teams have wide experience of all administration routes, sampling methods (including milk, amniotic fluid, placenta, fetal tissues) and animal husbandry during the mating, gestation and lactation periods..

Studies include :

  • Maternal toxicity
  • Fertility and early embryonic development
  • Embryo-fetal development
  • Pre/post-natal development, inc. maternal function