TCR: Tissue Cross-Reactivity

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Tissue cross-reactivity is a key element in the development of biologicals. Our molecular pathology teams have wide experience with a variety of antibodies. Dedicated board certified pathologists can provide you with scientific advice and define the most appropriated study plan to meet your expectations.

With direct access to all the frozen tissues recommended by the FDA and EMEA, including human and preclinical species, we can investigate a large range of specific target tissues. To ensure the highest quality, we routinely monitor staining adequacy and the tissue integrity of all the samples in our tissue bank.

Tissue cross reactivity projects are usually split into two parts :

  • A preliminary non-GLP study where the immunohistochemistry method is set up, or optimized and validated:
    • specificity, precision, reproducibility and sensitivity are evaluated
    • background/non-specific staining is investigated in selected tissues
  • The main GLP-compliant tissue cross reactivity study