Pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals


Citoxlab – Present throughout your development project

Citoxlab offers you know-how, experience and technical approaches for the development of candidate pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals in a broad range of areas:  biologicals, small molecules, gene therapy vectors, hormones, vaccines, biosimilars, etc.

Our teams will accompany you with reliable, relevant studies and robust data right from the IND package and through the development process to NDA submission. You can rely on our pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals experts to advise you on the best custom designed package according to the nature and characteristics of your compound.

We provide a comprehensive range of support services, including bioanalysis, biodistribution, reactogenicity, immunogenicity and tissue cross reactivity studies. A variety of delivery routes and animal species are available according to intended administration method and therapeutic class.

Citoxlab can help ensure the successful design of your program.

Here are some links for further information and please do not hesitate to contact us for customized advice

> New chemical entities / Small molecules

> Hormones and biologicals / Antibodies and therapeutic proteins

> Biosimilars

> Vaccines