Ecotoxicology and biodegradation for chemicals

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Ecology is perhaps a buzzword nowadays, but we all want to preserve our planet and responsible development includes investigation of potential harmful effects to the environment whenever necessary.

Citoxlab conducts a wide range of laboratory based ecotoxicology and biodegradation studies to meet the needs of many industries, including chemical, plant protection and biocide sectors all over the world.  We are also specialists in difficult substances such as metals, UVCBs, polymers and plant protection products.

When you require studies, media preparation and analytical services that meet the requirements for international registration, you can trust Citoxlab to design the right customized package. You are welcome to contact our dedicated teams for advice about your project.

Ecotoxicology studies cover testing over a whole range of species :

  • Aquatic (acute, long term, reprotoxicity)
    • Daphnia
    • Algae
    • Lemna
    • Trout, carp, zebra fish
    • Fish bioaccumulation
  • Terrestrial (short and extended/reprotoxicity studies)
    • Honey bee
    • Predatory mite
    • Parasitic wasp
    • Earthworm
    • Collembola
    • Carabid beetle
  • Avian (acute, feeding and reprotoxicity studies)
    • Japanese quail
    • Bobwhite quail
    • Mallard duck

Biodegradation of compounds in nature or sewage is also a prime concern :

  • Ready biodegradability test (OECD 310)
  • Activated sludge, respiration inhibition test (OECD 209)