Carcinogenicity studies for chemicals

Citoxlab – Your one-stop CRO for chemicals, agrochemicals and biocides

Citoxlab has extensive experience and a large historical database for rodent carcinogenicity and oncogenicity testing. Our facilities have dedicated animal housing with reliable environmental conditions, well-trained technical teams and histopathologists with in-depth knowledge of this specific study type.

For non-pharmaceutical sectors, the majority of studies are performed by dietary incorporation; but administration by other routes is also performed on a routine basis.

Our carcinogenicity studies are designed to meet your specific requirements, and comply with all international regulations.

Your compound is unique and we will be happy to discuss your project so you get the best package – so just call us if you would like some advice.

Carcinogenicity studies

  • Carcinogenicity in rats or mice (OECD 452)
  • Combined chronic toxicity/carcinogenicity studies (OECD 453)

Routes of administration

  • Dietary
  • Oral gavage
  • Dermal application
  • Inhalation (gas, vapor, liquid and dust)
  • Other routes