DART for chemicals

Citoxlab – Your one-stop CRO for chemicals, agrochemicals and biocides

Citoxlab routinely performs REACH standard OECD reprotoxicity studies for chemical, biocide and agrochemical substances in rats and rabbits, backed up by extensive historical data. Multigeneration studies meeting the latest regulatory guidelines are carried out to investigate immunotoxicity, in-life neurotoxicity and neuro-histopathology (CNS and PNS), with methods validated using positive control substances. Citoxlab is one of the few CROs to have experience in performing extended one-generation reprotoxicity studies.

Our teams of experts can give you advice about study design, choice of vehicles, dose setting and all the other aspects of this specialized area. Do not hesitate to call us for more information.

Reprotoxicity screening studies

  • Reproductive/developmental toxicity screening test
  • Combined repeat-dose toxicity study and reproductive/developmental toxicity screening test

Developmental toxicity studies  

  • Rat prenatal developmental toxicity study
  • Rabbit prenatal developmental toxicity study

Multigeneration studies

  • One-generation reproduction toxicity study
  • Two-generation reproduction toxicity study
  • Extended one-generation reproduction toxicity study

Routes of administration

  • Inhalation
  • Gavage
  • Dietary