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Citoxlab – Your one-stop CRO for chemicals, agrochemicals and biocides

To meet the wide range of regulations in force around the world for chemical, biocide and agrochemical product registrations, many of the largest international companies entrust Citoxlab with their physico-chemistry, ecotoxicology and mammalian regulatory testing.

Experts with in-depth knowledge of authority requirements can advise you about the most appropriate testing for your active ingredients and products, to ensure you obtain quality data.

For REACH and other chemical notifications, we provide complete regulatory packages and data-gap studies. We also propose a one-stop service for studies from QSAR and characterization to ecotoxicology and long term rodent toxicology studies. We are experienced in dealing with a wide range of chemistry, including metals and UVCBs, and perform studies by all administration routes.

Key Regulatory Activities and Authorities :

  • CLP / GHS
  • Korean Agrochemical, K-REACH
  • Japanese METI/ MHLW/MOE
  • Chinese CRC SEPA
  • Canada, Australia, India, Brazil, Argentina, and many other national authorities
  • Regulatory requirements for active ingredient and product testing for biocides and crop protection products

Our facilities are fully certified for quality and animal welfare :

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 9014
  • GLP

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