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Safety pharmacology

Citoxlab – Your one-stop CRO for safety pharmacology

Partner with our Citoxlab experts in cardiovascular, respiratory and central nervous system physiology and pharmacology, dedicated to efficient drug development and striving to meet your expectations.

Citoxlab is an industry leader in GLP-compliant safety pharmacology. We offer you fully validated test systems to support international regulatory requirements, using a variety of large and small animal models and constant technology innovation including JET (Jacketed External Telemetry). We also offer extensive experience with biotechnology-derived drugs and early safety pharmacology.

Our colonies of animal models ready-implanted with telemetry devices enable us to propose accelerated timelines using well-established conscious animal models. In-house positive control data and validated computerized ECG analysis allow seamless integration of hemodynamic and electrocardiographic data optimized by expert evaluation. Our computerized platforms give you access to real-time data interpretation for optimal decision making.

> ICH core battery

> Supplemental and integrated studies

> In Vitro Cardiovascular and Central Nervous System electrophysiology services