Short-term toxicology

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> Short-term toxicology

> Sub-chronic and chronic toxicology

We offer you customized advice on the safety evaluation of your new products and drug candidates, through a full range of short-term toxicology studies with end-points adapted to your needs. A large panel of short-term toxicology studies can be performed according to the product type :

  • Pharmaceuticals, biologicals and veterinary compounds: dose-range finding and single dose acute toxicity studies.
  • Cosmetics and chemicals: in vitro safety evaluations are now widely used to comply with new regulations and contribute to the 3Rs philosophy.
  • Chemical and agrochemical products: ecotoxicology investigations provide crucial information concerning impact on the environmental.

Our dedicated teams have experience in all aspects of regulatory toxicology

  • Range of compounds
  • Administration/exposure routes
  • Sampling/data gathering procedures
  • Sample matrices
  • Animal strains and species
  • Formulation analysis and bioanalysis
  • Toxicokinetics
  • Statistical analysis and data interpretation
  • Clinical and anatomical pathology
  • International regulatory requirements and OECD guidelines