In silico and QSAR analysis

Citoxlab – Helping to put the right drug candidate forward

With today’s computer technology, we can offer predictive modelling for your drug candidates. This cost-effective technique is principally applicable for :

Impurity assessment : Pharmaceuticals generally contain low levels of impurities, the genotoxicity of which can be evaluated by in silico modelling.

  • A wide range of genotoxicity endpoints can be assessed in parallel.

Drug candidate assessment : Based on the chemical structure and molecular substructure of tested compounds, each molecule is modelled by the computer-driven QSAR system.

  • QSAR analysis helps to understand the potential molecular dynamics between compounds under development and other chemical structures.

Results are interpreted against available preclinical data and intended clinical application. To make sure you get the best and most competitive solution, you will receive all necessary information in a format that is user-friendly and relevant to regulatory authority submission.

In silico and QSAR

In vitro toxicology

> Genetic toxicology

> Early screening and lead optimization

> Toxicogenomics

> Stem cells and metabolomics