Early screening and lead optimization

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We have a ready-to-use package dedicated to the early phase of drug development. Our lead optimization program, LeadScreen™, allows fast, robust decision making, small test item quantities, short times to results and competitive prices.

LeadScreen™ includes all the essentials for lead optimization from the earliest genotoxicity assays to multi-endpoint in vivo toxicology studies. All LeadScreen™ data are reported within 10 days following the experimental phase.

Some of the areas where lead optimization via LeadScreen™ core batteries can give you a head start

  • LeadScreen Genotoxicity
  • LeadScreen Safety
  • LeadScreen Pharmacokinetics
  • LeadScreen Toxicity


In silico and QSAR

In vitro toxicology

> Genetic toxicology

> Early screening and lead optimization

> Toxicogenomics

> Stem cells and metabolomics