Juvenile toxicity studies

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The authorities require all drugs intended for potential use in children to be evaluated in neonatal/juvenile toxicity studies.

Our experts can advise you on the most appropriate study packages/designs, and offer you solutions according to compound-type and targeted development stage(s). Our teams are well-trained and experienced in the delicate techniques required to meet the specific requirements of juvenile animals. Protocols are designed to comply with international guidelines and your regulatory submissions are enhanced by clearly presented findings and data interpretation.


Studies include :

  • Juvenile toxicity studies (rodent and non-rodent species; unequalled experience with minipigs)
  • Developmental toxicity studies for vaccines in rodents or rabbits


Routes of administration :

  • Oral : gavage, dietary admixture, drinking water
  • Intravenous: bolus, slow injection, continuous and intermittent intravenous infusion
  • Subcutaneous, intra-dermal, intramuscular and intraperitoneal
  • Dermal application


Support services :

  • Toxicokinetics, bioanalysis and clinical pathology
  • Developmental neurotoxicity (FOB, cognitive function, neuro-histomorphometry)
  • Developmental immunotoxicology
  • Skeletal development evaluated in vivo by X-ray, DXA, pQCT and microCT
  • Genomics using the Affymetrix platform