Developmental and reproductive toxicology

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> Developmental and reproductive toxicology

> Juvenile toxicity studies

> Single and multi-generation studies

High level scientific expertise and dedicated resources are key factors in the evaluation of potential compound-related effects on fertility, reproduction and pre/post-natal development. Our teams have wide experience of administration routes, sampling methods (including milk, amniotic fluid, placenta, fetal tissues) and animal husbandry during the mating, gestation and lactation periods.

Your products are unique, so the objective of our teams is providing you with the ideal package for exploring the potential toxicity of your drug candidates, food additives and chemical compounds.

Developmental and reproductive toxicology (DART) studies include :

  • Maternal toxicity
  • Fertility and early embryonic development
  • Embryo-fetal development
  • Pre/post-natal development, inc. maternal function
  • DART for chemical, agrochemical & food products :
    •          Prenatal toxicity studies
    •          Reproduction toxicity screening tests (REACH)
    • Endocrine disruptor screening tests:
      •          Uterotrophic assays
      •          Hershberger assays


Investigative combinations can include :

  • Hormone determination
  • Sperm analysis
  • Developmental neurotoxicity
  • Developmental immunotoxicology
  • Skeletal development
  • Genomics