Toxicology and safety pharmacology

Helping to put the right drug candidate forward

With more than 40 years of experience, Citoxlab provides toxicology and safety pharmacology services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, agrochemical, cosmetics, food and medical devices industries. Our studies meet the highest standards, we invest continually in new equipment to offer you the latest technologies, and our facilities are custom built for efficiency and to ensure animal wellbeing.

Our toxicology and safety pharmacology services are designed to offer you a one-stop CRO where you can find exactly the expertise and packages your products require:

  • Characterizing any adverse effects
  • Identifying potential target organ toxicity
  • Determining dose-levels
  • Defining mechanisms of action
  • Assessing risk to humans, animals and the environment

Along with toxicology, safety assessment, lead optimization and QSAR, we provide a comprehensive range of support services including :

  • Analysis and bioanalysis
  • Drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics
  • Pathology
  • Biomarkers
  • Immunology and immunohistochemistry

Our teams can help you customize your product development strategy and ensure the successful design of your program.

> Discovery and predictive toxicology

> General toxicology

> Reproductive toxicology

> Safety pharmacology

> Carcinogenicity

> Immunotoxicology