Inhalation toxicology

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We offer expert scientific and regulatory advice on inhalation toxicology testing for pharmaceuticals, chemicals and agrochemicals, combined with competitive prices. Pharmaceutical programs benefit from our wide experience in the development of inhalation technologies for biologics, vaccines and small molecules, including :

  • Technical and regulatory advice for “first-in-man” packages
  • Sub-acute to chronic and carcinogenicity studies
  • Safety pharmacology studies
  • Reproductive toxicology studies
  • ADME and pharmacokinetics studies

Our chemical and agrochemical advisory services help you apply the most advantageous paradigm for your regulatory submissions. We have in-depth understanding and experience in REACH and agrochemical registration studies.

  • OECD TG 403 – Acute LC50 inhalation
  • OECD TG 436 – Acute toxic class inhalation
  • OECD TG 412 – Sub-acute inhalation
  • OECD TG 413 – Sub-chronic inhalation
  • EUR 20268 EN – Quantifying inhalable fraction

Partner with our team of senior inhalation toxicologists and aerosol specialists. We provide support and guidance at all stages of program development. Technical facilities and expertise include :

  • Exposure/administration suites
  • Inhalation delivery in rodents and non-rodents
  • TSE directed flow (flow-past) systems :
    • Nose-only or Oro-nasal exposure
    • Prevents re-breathing
    • Restraint designed to minimize thermal stress
    • Maintains homogeneous breathable atmosphere at all levels of the inhalation tower
    • State-of-the-art technologies to generate powder, liquid or vapor atmospheres
    • Early stage toxicology evaluation with intra-tracheal aerosol delivery


> Infusion toxicology

> Inhalation toxicology

> Ocular toxicology

> Dermal studies

> Surgical models and medical device implantation