Infusion toxicology

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Recognized as a leader in the industry, Citoxlab is committed to maintain the highest level of performance through continuous investment and innovation in infusion technologies. You are assured of a high-quality service with well-established infusion models.

Our extensive experience with infusion toxicology can be leveraged to ensure optimal selection of vehicles, formulation conditions, pH, osmolality, and maximum/minimum dose volumes.

  • Broad experience in the design, conduct and interpretation of infusion studies
  • Dedicated, highly trained staff with multiple years of direct experience
  • Purpose-built surgical suites for catheter implantation according to the highest standards
  • Clinical grade infusion pumps for accurate and precise delivery
  • Wide choice of animal species
  • Conventional and specialized infusion strategies to satisfy regulatory requirements
  • Reproductive toxicology with continuous infusion
  • Imaging of catheter placement
  • Remote infusion with physiological measurements, and ambulatory pumps
  • Historical data and significant experience with:
  • Small molecules and biologics (proteins/mAbs, peptides, oligonucleotides)
  • Oncology, infectious diseases, central nervous system, diabetes, inflammatory/auto-immune diseases, cardiac diseases, etc.


> Infusion toxicology

> Inhalation toxicology

> Ocular toxicology

> Dermal studies

> Surgical models and medical device implantation