Dermal studies

Citoxlab – Your one-stop CRO for preclinical research

Citoxlab is your ideal partner for the development of drugs intended for dermal use. We offer a complete range of in silico, in vitro and in vivo models to support all stages of the dermal drug development process.

With 25 years experience in the use of minipigs, Citoxlab has one of the largest dermal databases. Many wound healing studies to investigate efficacy and safety are performed in minipigs and we can offer you significant expertise and skin evaluation techniques (including skin stripping, epidermal thickness measurement and transdermal absorption).

A full first-in-man support service is available plus a range of dermal studies to support Phase II and Phase III clinical trials. Our experts are always ready to advise you and discuss new study designs to meet your scientific objectives.


  • In vivo: rodents and non-rodents
  • In vitro: skin cells including keratinocytes, fibroblasts and endothelial cells
  • In silico: QSAR virtual screening, cell analysis and DNA synthesis

Study types specific to dermal drugs

  • Local tolerance
  • Sensitization
  • Phototoxicity
    • In vitro 3T3 phototoxicity
    • In vivo rodent phototoxicity
  • Photosensitization
  • Efficacy (including in wound healing)
    • Excisional and incisional wound models
    • Sunburn models
    • Thermal burn models
    • Diabetic wound models
    • Laser resurfacing
    • Surgical suturing with tension
    • Pigmented skin wound models
    • Wound healing kinetics and tensile strength measurements


> Infusion toxicology

> Inhalation toxicology

> Ocular toxicology

> Dermal studies

> Surgical models and medical device implantation