TCR: Tissue Cross-Reactivity

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When you are developing biologicals and would like to investigate the potential cross reactivity of your compound, Citoxlab is the right port of call.

We have built up experience with a wide variety of compounds over the years, and have a team of technicians and ECVP certified pathologists dedicated to running tissue cross reactivity studies in compliance with FDA and EMEA guidelines.

Tissue lists are available for human and all preclinical species, and our tissue biobanks are routinely checked for morphology and immunoreactivity.

Projects are split into two parts:

  • A preliminary non-GLP study where the IHC method is set up, or optimized and validated:
    • specificity, precision, reproducibility and sensitivity are evaluated
    • background/unspecific staining is investigated in selected tissues
  • The main GLP-compliant tissue cross reactivity study

 The preliminary study is absolutely critical. You need to see the images and power point files to decide which concentrations should be tested in the main study, and our experts are there to help and advise you with this selection. As soon as the validation study has been completed, the main GLP-compliant tissue cross reactivity study is initiated.


Our immunohistochemistry laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art automated autostainers to help us provide good quality, reproducible slides.

More than 125 diverse IHC stains to detect various biomarkers of inflammation, proliferation and degeneration, specific proteins, viruses and tissue residues of large molecules have been developed and validated on frozen and/or FFPE tissues from man and several animal species. A large proportion of the IHC activity is performed according to GLPs.

Other methods, including in situ hybridization, may be developed on request.


> Tissue cross reactivity and immunohistochemistry

> Immunotoxicology

> Preclinical and clinical genomics

> Biodistribution