Preclinical and clinical genomics

Citoxlab – Adding the latest technologies to your research

Leading-edge data analysis technologies enable us to offer you far-reaching studies spanning the constantly evolving field of genomics and miRNA investigation.

Whether you are developing a protein, nucleic acid or cell-based therapeutic, Citoxlab can provide full support, from toxicology species justification, through assay development, to final report submission.

  • Quantitative gene expression for biomarker analysis
  • Biodistribution and genomic integration analysis (nucleic acid therapeutics)
  • Whole genome vaccine candidate screening
  • Cell surface antigen identification
  • Disease marker formation with proteome / transcriptome analysis
  • Gene expression profiling
  • Data mining (for integration of adverse effects and risk factors)
  • Bioinformatics (biological function/structure of genes for protein coding in DNA sequences)
  • Metabolic pathway in silico screening



> Tissue cross-reactivity and immunohistochemistry

> Immunotoxicology

> Preclinical and clinical genomics

> Biodistribution