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The Citoxlab group provides industry-leading expertise for GLP-compliant immunology evaluations. Our experts are abreast of the evolving regulatory requirements and can advise you on study and program design. We ensure you get reliable, user-friendly data, optimized lead-times and cost effective packages.

We offer the full range of immunology support services necessary for development of biotechnology-derived therapeutics including the following core battery investigations :

  • Development of antidrug antibody (ADA) and neutralizing antibody (NAB) assays
  • T-dependent antibody responses (KLH)
  • Adverse immunostimulation
  • Extended histopathological examination: lymphoid tissues and organs
  • Immunophenotyping
  • Cell mediated immunity
  • Immunohistochemistry and Tissue cross-reactivity
  • Pseudoallergic reactions
  • ELISPOT assay
  • Anti-dsDNA and anti‑nuclear antibodies
  • Screening for auto-antibodies and autoimmune reactions