Physico-chemical properties

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The rate of degradation and behavior in the environment of chemicals are key factors in environmental risk assessment.

When the partition coefficient (logKow) is a major concern in the initial assessment, we guarantee that the most appropriate experimental method is applied to ensure testing in compliance with regulatory requirements. Characterization, environmental evolution and REACH regulations concerning hazard warning for chemicals used in industry are investigated using batteries of tests, depending on whether the product is a solid, liquid or gas.

Call our team of experts for advice on the best testing strategy and packages for analysis of the physico-chemical properties of your compound.

Studies of standard physico-chemical properties include :

  • Partition coefficient (OECD 107/117/123)
  • Adsorption – desorption (batch equilibrium method – OECD 106/121)
  • Vapor pressure (OECD 104)
  • Hydrolytic stability (OECD 111)

Standard optional tests include :

  • Melting and freezing points (OECD 102)
  • Boiling point (OECD 103)
  • Relative density (OECD 109)
  • Surface tension (OECD 115)
  • Water solubility (OECD 105)


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