Environmental risk assesmentEnvironmental risk assessment

Citoxlab – Your one-stop CRO for risk assessment

Citoxlab conducts a wide range of laboratory based environmental risk studies to meet the needs of registration packages. Ecotoxicology testing of chemical substances, such as chemicals and biocides, includes physical chemistry (to identify general behaviour in the environment), and the evaluation of biodegradation and effects on various organisms in aquatic and terrestrial environments.

Pharmaceutical and veterinary products are evaluated in compliance with international regulations to identify persistent, bioaccumulating and toxic drugs.

Our experts design and perform environmental risk studies with appropriate analytical support, meeting international regulatory requirements.

  • Physico-chemistry
  • Effects on aquatic and terrestrial organisms
  • Biodegradation and microbiological effects
  • REACH assessment

To learn more about the types of studies, please follow the links:

> Physico-chemical properties

> Ecotoxicology and biodegradation