Webinar : Next generation of cardiac and CNS in vitro drug safety testing

Title: Hippocampal Brain Slices as a Model for Seizure Liability Assessment: Species Comparison.

Speaker: Michael Accardi, MSc, PhD, DSP. Research Scientist, Pharmacology and Ion Channel Safety Testing.

Abstract: Seizure liability is a common concern affecting a wide range of drugs with CNS penetration. Early stage epileptogenic potential assessment may be crucial as a part of lead compound selection. Species differences in susceptibility to seizure are recognized as a major translational consideration when estimating safety margins. Pros and cons of hippocampal brain slice models will be presented and species differences will be discussed in the context of drug development.

Title: Telemetry ”Study in a Dish” Using Non-clinical Primary Ventricular Cardiomyocytes from Dogs, Minipigs or Non-human Primates.

Speaker: Hai Huang, MD, MSc, PhD. Research Scientist, Ion Channel Safety Testing, Veterinary Science & Safety Pharmacology.

Abstract: Primary ventricular cardiomyocytes represent an integrated multi-ion channel model with pharmacological responses that can be used to predict ECG changes prior to conduct of in-vivo experiments. Recent CiPA related research has highlighted distinct differences in QT changes associated with proarrhythmic drugs when compared with non-proarrhythmic drugs. This session will discuss potential analysis strategies applied to primary ventricular cardiomyocytes for a comprehensive assessment of proarrhythmic risk.

Moderator: Simon Authier, DVM, MBA, PhD, DSP
Senior Director of Scientific Operations and Veterinary Science / Deputy Chief Scientific Officer