NewsLetter July 2014

Stereotaxic surgery for central nervous system drug delivery: the rise of a new era in therapies for neurological diseases

Bulle-cerveauAdvances in computerized stereotaxic surgery technologies have propelled intracranial injection and infusion to a major dosing strategy for an increasing number of novel therapies. Direct intracerebral delivery is used in the development of new drugs for multiple indications including brain cancers, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease to name a few. More specifically, convection-enhanced delivery (CED) and intracerebroventricular injection or infusion are recognized methods to overcome limitations associated with conventional routes used in the treatment of neurological diseases.

Over the years, Citoxlab has developed a unique expertise in brain stereotaxic surgery, for injection and infusion (> 4 months) required in non-clinical safety evaluations of drug candidates developed for direct brain delivery. A frameless stereotaxic surgery platform allows ultra-precise delivery, while imaging and contrast agents are used to confirm the models or to add safety data for translational interpretations. Our team of experts will be pleased to discuss your intracerebral delivery and/or CED projects.

Increased flow cytometry capacity in France

Bulle-labo_flow cytoCitoxlab has increased its capacity in the field of immunotoxicology and immunomonitoring on the French site (Evreux, near Paris) with the acquisition of a third flow cytometer (Miltenyi™, MACSQuan®). With 8-colors, this instrument is one of the most powerful and accurate on the market and allows our expert team to offer you high quality, reliable results. This investment in multiparametric technology allows us to provide services which include immunophenotyping, cell cycle staging, apoptosis, receptor occupancy, functional evaluation of intracellular signaling pathways and cell proliferation analysis using a variety of matrices.
Enrichment column coupling allows us to offer rare cell analysis and rare events detection, and the very small sample volumes required broaden the field of possibilities and measurable endpoints. This investment also contributes to the 3Rs continuous improvement policy of the Citoxlab group.

New minipig / non-rodent facility at Citoxlab Denmark

Bulle-cages DKCitoxlab in Denmark is pleased to announce the opening of a minipig and dog housing area in June 2014, after a complete refurbishment and capacity enlargement.

The facility is top grade, GLP compliant and fulfil requirements in Directive 2010/63/EU, with emphasis on animal welfare and environmental enrichment.

This investment increases our capacity by 60 pens. Citoxlab in Denmark invests to maintain its leadership in toxicology, reproductive toxicology and juvenile studies in minipigs.


Yasmina Sahraoui appointed as Business Development Director at Atlanbio

Bulle-YasminaAtlanbio is pleased to announce that Yasmina Sahraoui has joined the team as Business Development Director.

Yasmina is a Doctor of Sciences with a specialty in Biochemistry from the Faculty of Medicine of the Paris University and holds a post doctorate.

Over the last 20 years Yasmina has held various positions within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, at Pharmacia & Upjohn (Pfizer) and Chiron Diagnostics (Bayer). She has oriented her career into the clinical research services industry, holding line-management roles in business development for clinical pharmacology (Phase I/IIa) and bioanalytical services at Parexel and SGS Life Sciences.

Over the last year before joining Citoxlab, Yasmina was Director of Clinical Research, heading a Business Unit dedicated to clinical late-phase services, at Umanis Investissement, managing a team of 80 people. Her network of contacts, international BD skills and understanding of clinical research operations helped her with tools, reporting and forecasting. Since then she has worked as a freelance business development consultant in the life sciences.


Virtual tour of Citoxlab Hungary facility

Bulles sites_EWe invite you on a virtual tour of our facility in Hungary with a 3-minute video overview of the activities.

Having served the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical and agrochemical industries for more than 40 years, we offer solutions for all your testing requirements.

We have the experience, flexibility and responsiveness you are looking for.



Citoxlab provides a new in vitro sensitization package for cosmetics

Bulles Cosmetique 1Citoxlab provides a new and comprehensive package of in vitro skin sensitization tests. As forerunner in the implementation of the latest non-animal skin sensitization replacement tests, Citoxlab has been innovative in developing alternative methods.

Skin sensitization is a contact allergic reaction (dermatitis) associated with chemicals or cosmetics exposed to the skin. It is a complicated step-wise process requiring a tiered approach to safety assessment:

          • Step 1: DPRA – Direct Peptide Reativity AssayAbsorption and haptenation (binding) of the chemical with cellular proteins.
          • Step 2: KeratinoSens™ – Luciferase ARE reporter assay in a keratinocyte cell line. Initiation of a dermal inflammatory response and activation of the Nrf2 pathway.
          • Step 3: MUSST – Myleloid U937 Skin Sensitization Test
            Determination of CD86 activation in U937 cells by flow cytometry. Dendritic cell activation.

These 3 in vitro sensitization tests are now performed routinely.
Citoxlab is EU-NETVAL qualified, an official ECVAM testing partner and an official member of ESTIV, IVTIP and Cosmetic Valley.

Appointment of Jan Praslicka as Scientific Director in Hungary

Bulle-Jan PraslickaWe are pleased to announce that Dr Jan Praslicka, DVM, PhD has joined Citoxlab Hungary as a Scientific Director.

Jan has 25 years experience, gained in academia in veterinary efficacy studies in Slovakia and Denmark (1989-2000), then in pharmaceutical drug development and contract research organisations located in the EU, Canada and the USA (2001 to present).

His skills and extensive international and multicultural experience will complement those of our existing scientific staff. Jan brings expertise in program and study design, data interpretation and report preparation/review.

In addition to directly interacting with our clients and overviewing contracted pharmaceutical projects/programs, Jan will act as a mentor to the Study Director group. You will be able to meet Jan and discuss current Citoxlab capabilities at the upcoming Eurotox conference.



Bulles news_AOur Citoxlab Teams recently attended the annual STP meetings (Wasington, US, 22-26/06/14) and Japanese SOT (Kobe, 2-4/07/14).

You can download the posters presented during these meetings on our website.

STP posters:

Characterization of a Minipig Model of Gastrointestinal Acute Radiation Syndrome Using Total Body Irradiation and Partial Body Irradiation: A Focus on Intestinal Pathology
Julius Haruna1, Wieslaw Wierzbicki2, Mylene Pouliot1, Leanne Bassett1, Alexis Ascah1, Simon Authier1
1 Citoxlab North America, 445 Armand Frappier, Laval, Quebec, Canada
2 Centre Vétérinaire DMV, Lachine, QC, Canada

Comparative Histology of Mouth Mucosae (Sublingual Region)
Catherine Thirion-Delalande1, Cécile Fisch2, Roy Forster1, Bernard Palate1
1 Citoxlab France, BP 563, 27005 Evreux cedex, France
2 Stallergenes S.A., Antony, France

JSOT posters:

Delayed-Type Hypersensitivity (DTH) in the cynomolgus monkey
Roy Forster1, Caroline Bouchez1, Frédéric Gervais1, Renaud Fleurance1, Bernard Palate1 and Jacques Descotes2
1 Citoxlab France, BP 563, 27005 Evreux cedex, France
2 Poison Center, 69424 Lyon cedex 03, France

Dermal dosing studies in juvenile minipigs
Andrew Makin, Mikkel Lykke and Jeanet Løgsted
Citoxlab Denmark, Hestehavevej 36A, Ejby, LilleSkensved, 4623, Denmark

Meet our Citoxlab Teams soon:
We invite you to meet our experts during the following meetings:

  • 9th World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences
    24-28/08/2014, Prague, Czech Republic
    Dr Abel-Ilah El Amrani, our Safety Pharmacology expert in France, will give a presentation: “Simultaneous use of implanted and jacketed external telemetry – a contribution towards the 3R’s”
  • European Teratology Society (ETS) 2014
    1-4/09/2014, Hamburg, Germany
  • EUROTOX 2014
    7-10 /09/2014, Edinburg, Scotland
    Take the opportunity to visit our teams at booth Nos. 7 & 8
  • Chemical Industries Regulation (CIR 2014)
    9-10/09/2014, Barcelona, Spain
    Dr David Esdaile, our Scientific Director in Hungary, will give a talk on 10 September at 9.30 a.m. during the European Chemical Policy & Risk Management Conference.
    Take the opportunity to visit our teams at booth No. 30.

Newsletter July 2014