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  • Newsletter – June 2018, Click here
    • In vitro ProArrhythmia Assays at the Forefront of Drug Safety Testing
    • Ellegaard Göttingen Minipigs Research Foundation grant awarded
    • AccelLAB acquired the Olympus Exera III Endoscopy Tower, a key tool for gastroenterology studies
    • Infusion studies with group housed NHPs
    • SOLVO Biotechnology 8th Meet the Experts Transporter conference in Budapest
    • Appointment of Dr. Adriana Looszova, DVM, PhD, ERT as Senior Toxicologist / Project Management Group Leader in France
    • Webinar : Considerations in Non-clinical Inhalation Toxicology: Understanding the Complexities and Potential Problems with Inspired Tox
      June 28th – 4 pm (CEST)



  • Newsletter – March 2018, Click here
    • President Keynote
    • Citoxlab heavily invests in immuno-oncology services
    • Citoxlab acquires US-based CRO – Xenometrics, and adds to strength in experience and service while increasing capacity
    • Interbody fusion cage development programs: the ovine lumbar intervertebral spinal fusion model
    • Citoxlab Denmark now approved to run any preclinical studies with transgenic minipigs and genetically modified organisms
    • Citoxlab increases pathology expertise by recruiting 2 new pathologists
    • An Atlanbio’s team leader crossed the atlantic ocean in a solo and unassisted race
    • Meetings and conferences


  • Newsletter – December 2017, Click here
    • Citoxlab Corporate Identity Evolution
    • Citoxlab increases dog and minipig capacity at the French site
    • Acquisition of the Siemens Acuson SC2000 ultrasound system at AccelLAB – a great tool for structural heart studies
    • Evaluating the use of minipigs as a model for preclinical CNS safety pharmacology
    • Bioanalysis of large molecule therapeutics by LC-MS/MS at atlanbio
    • Avian toxicology and reproduction studies
    • Citoxlab now offering services in drug metabolizing enzymes and transporters genotyping
  • Newsletter – September 2017, Click here
    • Citoxlab North America acquires new facility in Laval/Montreal to meet the growing demand for laboratories services
    • The obese Göttingen Minipig model
    • Synthetic bone graft and bone substitute development programs: the rabbit Posterolateral Fusion (PLF) model
    • Gastrointestinal function: Motility and Motor Migrating Complex (MMC) evaluations across models
    • Positioning of mass spectrometry and immunoassays for large molecules bioanalysis
    • REACH compliance 2018 deadline
  • Newsletter – March 2017, Click here
    • Dedicated experience in handling of obese minipigs weighing up to 100 kg at Citoxlab in Denmark
    • Optimization of thyroid hormone measurements by LC-MS/MS and ELISA in mice and rats
    • Citoxlab strengthens its immunology laboratory biomarker capabilities with the introduction of SPARCL technology
    • Citoxlab expands its capacity in molecular pathology by offering immunohistochemistry (IHC) and in situ hybridization new assays
    • 10-years biodistribution and shedding experience – extended capabilities for preclinical and clinical sample analysis
    • Citoxlab North America appoints Vittoria Badalone as VP of Business development and marketing
  • Newsletter – December 2016, Click here
    • Citoxlab acquires AccelLAB, a Canadian CRO specialized in pre-clinical assessment of medical devices
    • Citoxlab’s Wide-ranging Expertise in Ocular Safety Evaluation
    • Good Clinical Practice Compliance for Sample Analysis in Support of Clinical Programs
    • Measuring Plasma Levels of Citrulline by LC-MS/MS in Gottingen Minipigs and Rhesus Monkeys as a Biomarker for Gastrointestinal-Acute Radiation Syndrome
    • QT interval correction for drugs which induce changes in body temperature
    • Atlanbio Appoints Mark Warren as Scientific Director
    • New Pathologists in Citoxlab North America
  • Newsletter – July 2016, Click here
    • In vitro CVS and CNS ion channel platform
    • Citoxlab uses a QT interval correction formula for drug-induced changes in body temperature when incorporating cardiovascular safety pharmacology in regulatory toxicology studies
    • Validation of in vitro sensitization package for cosmetics and chemicals
    • Successful renewal of GLP and GMP certification in Denmark
    • New Veterinary Anatomic Pathologist hired at Citoxlab North-America
    • Introduction of Szabolcs Gáty, Senior Director of Operations in Hungary
    • Scientific Literature: Active Presence of the Citoxlab scientific team
  • Newsletter – September 2015, Click here
    • Citoxlab President Keynote
    • Citoxlab hires board-certified clinical-pathologists in France and North-America
    • Citoxlab invests for new ophthalmology treatments
    • Citoxlab leads In Situ hybridization studies
    • Publication of Citoxlab safety pharmacology articles viewed 4176 times!
    • Biomarkers included in Acute Radiation Syndrome studies
    • atlanbio successfully renewed its GLP/GMP certification
  • Newsletter – March 2015, Click here
    • Citoxlab and Ellegaard Göttingen Minipigs joint Exhibitor Hosted Session at SOT
    • Hiring of Michael Pugsley as scientific expert in Citoxlab Canada
    • Citoxlab increases inhalation capacity in Hungary
    • Drug-induced sleep disorders captured by polysomnography
    • Citoxlab appoints Dr. Pramila Singh, DABT as Director of Toxicology, in France
    • Successful joint U.S. FDA and French ANSM inspections at Citoxlab France
  • Newsletter – September 2014, Click here
    • Citoxlab now brings Next Generation Sequencing to your development program
    • Discover a Broader Range of Cardiac Safety Testing Models
    • Citoxlab now offers the Extended One-Generation Reproductive Toxicity Study (OECD 443 / EOGRTS)
    • Make your batch release testing fast and efficient with Citoxlab in Denmark
    • Appointment of Massimiliano Fonsi as Director of DMPK at Citoxlab in France
    • Citoxlab doubled capacity for Chicken Eye Irritation testing (ICE)
  • Newsletter – July 2014, Click here
    • Stereotaxic surgery for central nervous system drug delivery: the rise of a new era in therapies for neurological diseases
    • Increased flow cytometry capacity in France
    • New minipig / non-rodent facility at Citoxlab Denmark
    • Yasmina Sahraoui appointed as Business Development Director at Atlanbio
    • Virtual tour of Citoxlab Hungary facility
    • Citoxlab provides a new in vitro sensitization package for cosmetics
    • Appointment of Jan Praslicka as Scientific Director in Hungary



NEW 09/03/2018  Citoxlab signs investment and partnership deal with Experimental Pharmacology and Oncology Berlin-Buch GmbH (EPO)

08/30/2018 : Citoxlab appoints Christophe Berthoux as CEO, Europe

Citoxlab acquires Solvo Biotechnology, the leading CRO specializing in drug transporter research and Drug-Drug Interactions

Citoxlab acquires Xenometrics, USA

Citoxlab North America purchases new facility in Montreal, Canada

Citoxlab and KaLy-Cell join forces to offer in vitro and ex vivo testing for hepatotoxicity and metabolism

Citoxlab acquires AccelLAB, a Canadian CRO specialized in pre-clinical assessment of medical devices

Citoxlab appoints Alan Bartlett as Senior Director, Global Laboratory Operations

Citoxlab announces appointment of Philippe Ancian

Citoxlab announces appointment of John Kapeghian

Citoxlab Implements Provantis 9 and submit-SEND Solutions