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When you consult our website, cookies may be deposited in your computer, smartphone or PC tablet. This page will help you to understand how cookies work and how to use the tools available in order to set them.

Definition of a cookie

A cookie is a text file which can be placed in your computer terminal when you visit our website. The aim of cookies is to collect anonymous information relating to your navigation and send content which is relevant to your computer or interests. Only the sender of a cookie has the possibility to read or modify the information contained in it.


Reasons for the use of cookies on our website

Cookies we send enable us to:

  • Establish statistics and frequentation/use volumes concerning number of pages visited, number of visits, activity, return frequency, etc.,
  • Adapt the presentation of our website to show your preferred language, resolution, user system, etc.,
  • Make using our website easier for you to use, e.g. by memorizing information relating to a form or to products, services or information that you have chosen on the website.


Cookies sent by Citoxlab

These are cookies placed in your computer by Citoxlab for the purpose of navigation, optimization and personalization of services on the website.



Typo3 User session « Front End »
PHP Variables of the PHP session (used particularly for navigation and numbering the pages of results)
Cookie Bar Display of the cookie information ribbon


Cookies sent by third parties

These are cookies sent by third party companies to measure the number of pages viewed, the number of visits, and the visitor activity on the website and the frequency of return visits. These cookies are regulated by third party privacy policies. We are informing you about the aim of the cookies we know about and the means at your disposal for make choices concerning them.




Google Analytics



Confidentiality rules


Set your Internet navigator

At any moment you can choose to deactivate cookies by selecting the appropriate parameters in you navigator. Deactivation of certain cookies can disturbe site navigation.


  • For Microsoft Internet Explorer

Cookie management on Internet Explorer

  • For Mozilla Firefox

cookie management on Mozilla Firefox

  • For Google Chrome

Cookie management on Google Chrome

  • For Safari

Cookie management on Safari

  • For Opéra

Cookie management on Opéra


> For more information on cookies please go to the CNIL website