ABOUT Citoxlab

Our commitment for the ethics and the animal well-being


Citoxlab is committed to laboratory animal welfare and accords particular attention to housing conditions, socialization and environmental enrichment.Bulles_souris_mouse

The AAALAC certification obtained for the majority of our sites is a reflection of this commitment.


Ethical commitment

The Ethics Committee, Animal Welfare Body and veterinarians back-up the activities of our scientific services by making sure that these activities are performed according to Citoxlab requirements and the laboratory animal care and use regulations.

A care and use program was developed by Citoxlab to define the group’s commitments towards the respect of laboratory animals and to apply 3Rs. The program is implemented by experienced, qualified technical and scientific staff who receive appropriate continuous training, and is regularly revised to guarantee its relevance and validity. All Citoxlab employees are encouraged to demonstrate their honest commitment to animal welfare by signing a Code of Business Ethics.


Housing and environmental enrichment

The laboratory animal care and use program is fundamental to Citoxlab’s work and objectives. All necessary efforts are undertaken to make sure that the facilities, environmental conditions, and care and use of animals are optimal and respect the regulations. By favoring environmental enrichment and social group housing, the program widens the range of the animals’ activities and allows them more scope to express their normal behavior.