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The CiToxLAB Group offers a comprehensive range of pre-clinical services for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemicals, cosmetics, medical devices and food companies worldwide. Our scientists and regulatory experts provide customized advice to help your development projects progress in the most effective way.

Created through the merger of CIT and LAB-Research, the CiToxLAB Group has more than

850 employees working in France, Canada, Denmark and Hungary.

Proximity, the latest technologies and easy access to scientists, make CiToxLAB your one-stop CRO for pre-clinical research. We offer maximum flexibility and expertise, major factors that guarantee the quality of your non-clinical programs.

Let’s build our future together !

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  • 20/03/14

    CiToxLAB appoints John C. Kapeghian as Senior Director of Toxicology in North America

    Toxicologie générale
  • 12/03/14

    CiToxLAB in Hungary has conducted more than 1200 GLP toxicology and reprotoxicology studies for safety evaluation …

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  • Over the years, our team has broadened applications of JET to various species  including guinea-pig…

    Jacket External Telemetry
  • Our CiToxLAB molecular pathology team is increasing capacity in immunohistochemistry (IHC) to face a sustained demand for Tissue Cross-Reactivity (TCR) studies…

    CiToxLAB boosts Tissue Cross-Reactivity capacity
  • To face the increasing demand for inhalation studies in rodents and offer flexible timing, the CiToxLAB facilities in Hungary have recently expanded the inhalation capacity…

    CiToxLAB expands inhalation suite
  • CiToxLAB established its genomics department on the French site (Evreux, near Paris) more than eight years ago and is today one of the largest service…

    CiToxLAB is now offering microRNA biomarkers in toxicology studies